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Every Event is curated and customized for the most optimal outcomes.

Our reach spans the globe to meet your Events’ needs;

AONIA curates, customizes and communicates on your behalf, taking care of the A-Zs to ensure Event objectives are successfully met.

As your Planners, we take pride in having designed and delivered the following Events successfully worldwide (click on the boxes below):

Targeted at key internal and external stakeholders, AONIA have worked closely with our clients to design and deliver content and experience-rich events that drive home key messaging seamlessly and with impact. AONIA works hand-in-glove with clients to ensure that attending stakeholders are enriched and fulfilled at these strategic events.

With the aims of enhancing Customer Loyalty with both elegance and impact, AONIA have helped design and deliver superlative, impactful and even luxurious Programmes that have won accolades from clients and their stakeholders. Each Programme is custom-designed to meet the individual needs of each key Customer, with experience and insights on how to impress some of the most influential and well-travelled Customers in the industry.

Not to be underestimated, but motivating key internal stakeholders is an art and science that directly impacts both the bottomline and topline. AONIA has worked with clients whose attendees have expressed appreciation in the attention to detail offered at each and every Meeting organized by AONIA.

With a focus on impressing an audience with impactful messaging and crafting an immersive experience that renders such messaging more indelible, AONIA has worked with award-winning and world-class acts to design and deliver Launches for a wide range of products, services and initiatives, each one telling a unique story to remember. Launches have included new government initiatives to new medical treatments.

To support clients with ever more competitive and challenging business environments, AONIA works closely with experts across a range of topics to deliver programmes that motivate and inspire team members to be at their best, and to work more optimally as a team to improve on results. Starting with analysis and awareness, programmes deep-dive into core competencies that must be improved upon for teams to deliver the results demanded of them. Programmes are led by experienced moderators and accredited subject matter experts and always deliver with AONIA’s trademark; attention to detail.

Tangible and intangible rewards work together to motivate and inspire team members to be at their best, and to keep delivering the results demanded of them. AONIA designs and delivers bespoke Reward and Incentive Programmes worldwide that are second to none, working with some of the top travel and experienced partners worldwide to deliver a highly personalized and ultimately unforgettable experience that motivates them to seek even garter heights of achievement.

Focused on the tertiary and Professional audience, AONIA supports clients with their learning and development needs through Study Visits that serve also as a platform for networking and business exchanges across a range of industries. AONIA helps identify the relevant businesses and institutes, taking care of all coordination and management leading towards meeting the aims of the Visit.

Trade Missions are a driver of economic growth; AONIA is pleased to support Associations and Businesses in the organization of Trade Missions involving all relevant stakeholders from trade, industry and government sectors. We provide research and analysis leading up to such Missions to ensure stakeholders’ aims across industries and geographies are achieved, with the key aims of business and economic growth in mind.

Be it a Programme that challenges the mind and body or something just casual and fun, AONIA works closely with clients to design and deliver the perfect team-bonding experiences suited to their teams. Whether there are hours or days to invest in team-bonding, the focus is ensuring teams build trust and communication that allows them to work better together for more optimal results at work.

In addition to core turnkey events services, we support clients for other fundamental needs including:

Well-conceived and produced Content is critical to the effectiveness of every Event. With backgrounds in the Arts, Culture, Stage performance, Broadcast and Animation, and experience in creating informational and inspiring Multimedia, our team can support you with creating the multimedia needed to create the impact needed at your next event.

A strong brand identity is key to enhancing the professional image and memorability of your event. From logo to all related collateral, from event stationery to the event website, AONIA can help you create a seamless brand experience that can impress and inspire.

Destination selection is a highly complex affair involving multiple parameters to seek a destination suited to the needs and budgets of an event. Utilizing both technology and experience, AONIA ensures the best Destination fit for your event needs vis-à-vis the numerous options available, ensuring better event outcomes.

Literally setting the stage for every successful event, the quality of the hotel and venue are a critical factor. AONIA utilizes years of experience inspecting hundreds of hotels and venues to ensure only the best options for your events are utilized.

Events can be highly complex, with event needs limited only by creativity and budget. Over the years, AONIA has helped clients source for all event needs at the best possible prices to meet every event need.

AONIA utilizes the state of the art in events technology wherever possible to ensure better event outcomes. We have also been involved in developing technologies that improve the efficiency of event organization. AONIA provides advisory and application support to allow your event to leverage on the latest existing technologies to enhance your event effectiveness.

AONIA pride itself on having provided seamless experiences over the years for all event attendees through well-managed travel and logistical arrangements, catering to levels. From your VVIPs to all other attendees, rest assured that the most efficient plans shall be effected, with safety and security as a key consideration.

Where needed, AONIA supports clients and partners with the financing needed to ensure the smooth flow of the event. Being able to provide finances , often at short notice, helps ensure greater timeliness in delivery, as well as generates goodwill to ensure better event deliveries.

Destination & Venue Promotion & Development

Having worked closely with multiple award-winning destinations and venues since 2002, AONIA has documented and developed best practices and expertise in Destination and Venues Promotion and Development. As curators for our clients since 2002, we understand what the market demands. Connect with AONIA for the design and delivery of plans and programmes that can further promote your Destination or Venue from the professional Planner’s perspective.

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