AONIA operates worldwide guided by ethical and sustainable business practices and policies of the highest possible standards. This impacts all of our planning, personnel, sourcing and partnering practices for the greatest possible good.

AONIA strives to deliver work of the highest quality in the service of our valued clients and to uphold the professionalism of our industry. We seek constantly to improve our capabilities and quality of work through innovation, R&D, training and talent development. To better meet the quality expectations of our clients, we listen and work with care in close consultation with our valued clients.

The health and safety of our staff, and any partners involved in any project implementation is of utmost importance to AONIA. Every project is therefore planned with health and safety in mind, to avoid any risk to the well-being of all involved, from our clients to vendors. We ensure that workmen’s insurance and other relevant forms of insurance are in place to the best of our ability to mitigate the effect of potential accidents.

AONIA advocates and practices ethical business practices, and works only with partners that have a similar belief and practice. We abide by the governing law in all our countries of operations.

AONIA was founded in 2002 with a basic belief in being a Business able to create the greatest possible value for our clients whilst being a force for social good. We therefore work closely with our clients and partners to effect CSR efforts and activities that benefit the less fortunate.

Strong global partnerships have been critical to AONIA’s growth, providing invaluable support for every element in the value chain required of the success of every project. We work with Partners who share AONIA’s own value system of offering excellent service with honour and integrity, and who will go the extra mile in support of our clients.

AONIA places great importance on environmental sustainability, and will work closely with all stakeholders in every project to minimise the carbon footprint and environmental impact of all projects.  We ensure that all staff within AONIA maintain this mindset in the architecture and execution of our Programmes and Experiences.

AONIA is a company offering equal opportunities to all who possess the right talent and share the right values regardless of background. We strongly recognise and advocate the importance and contribution of Diversity to the success of economies and organisations.

AONIA is an advocate for equal opportunities at the workplace for all, and are merit focused. Hence, people of talent able to contribute to AONIA’s passion for motivation and inspiration of any race, gender, age, religion, and nationality are welcomed at AONIA.

AONIA places strong emphasis on continued training and development in all aspects of improving our Business. Orientation and training are provided to all new staff and regular updates given to keep staff abreast of the latest industry developments.

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