Malcolm Nerva ,
Trainer & Facilitator

Malcolm has designed and delivered unique and transformational programs for both multinational and local companies in the areas of team building and development, leadership and management, self- and shared awareness, gender and generational diversity, health and wellness, and language and communication. Highly creative and resourceful, he uses a careful and consultative approach to training and development, and uses his enthusiasm, creativity and passion for lifelong learning to inspire growth and positive change in his trainees.

To date, Malcolm has trained and coached middle and senior management from Bank of East Asia, Cisco, Ericsson, Hony Capital, Kraft, Lenovo, McKinsey, P&G and Volkswagen, and has consistently obtained satisfaction ratings of over 90%. He has also facilitated high level team strategy sessions for senior managers from several multinationals and delivered team building programs for audiences of up to several hundred people. He is a regular guest lecturer at the BBA, MBA and Masters of Finance Programs at Peking, Tsinghua, Renmin, Fudan, and Jiaotong universities in China.

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