Dr Gwendoline Tan-Kuick,
Advisor, Healthcare & Medical Events

Dr. Gwendoline Tan-Kuick is a healthcare services professional who was most recently Head of the Research Office, National University Health System.. She was formerly Planning Manager, Deputy Principal/Academic’s Office, Nanyang Polytechnic; a Case Manager at the National Neuroscience Institute; and a Nurse Manager, Neuroscience Intensive Unit of Tan Tock Seng Hospital. Senior Director/ Business Development.

Dr Tan-Kuick is an Advisor to AONIA for events with Healthcare, Medical or Pharmaceutical interests, combining her experience as an attendee of numerous medical conferences with her professional insights to support the successful planning and delivery of such events.

She is presently also a Senior Director at the Singapore Precision Medicine Centre Pte Ltd (SPMC) offering research and clinical New Generation sequencing services in collaboration with the Beijing Genomic Institution. She is also a Board member, Senior Services of Care Corner Pte Ltd.

Dr. Tan-Kuick holds a Doctor of Business Administration from Southern Cross University  Australia; a Master of Business Administration from Victoria University Australia; a Postgraduate Diploma in Higher Education from Nanyang Technological University  Singapore; a Master in Nursing from the University of Melbourne, Australia; and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Southern Queensland, Australia.

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