Debbie Middendorp,
Chief Marketing Officer, PWNT

Debbie started her career in 1991 at TNO, Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research. She held different marketing and communications positions within TNO for nine years. All her activities had a strong pioneer character.

In 2000 she started her own communications company, D’ Launch Communications. Her clients were midsized and large profit and non-profit organizations.

In 2009 she launched the commercial subsidiary of Water Supply Company PWN in Singapore: PWN Technologies. PWN Technologies offers advanced, efficient and sustainable water treatment solutions to the international water industry, which are validated and implemented at PWN. After this successful launch she worked for two years on the branding and marketing of PWN Technologies from the Netherlands. From December 2011 – March 2014 she set up the first international company in Singapore as Director Global Marketing and Communications. She became a member of PWN Technologies’ Board of Directors in March 2014. She holds a Master degree in Communication Management from the Singapore Management University.

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