Daniel Chua,
Chief Executive & Facilitator

Daniel CHUA is Founder and Chief Executive of AONIA, an Experiential communications agency that has supported a distinguished portfolio of clients including Fortune 500 firms and government agencies to Engage, Energise and Empower stakeholders worldwide through impactful and transformative experiences since 2002.

A consummate communicator and events professional , Daniel has conceptualised and delivered Branding and Integrated Marketing campaigns, and created Events ranging from Meetings & Incentives to Luxury product launches. A Certified Meeting Planner (CMP) who has architectured many successful Events, he has also received accolades as an effective Speaker, Moderator and Master-of-Ceremonies in countries including Singapore, Malaysia, China and Korea.

A strong believer in the power of Events to Motivate and Inspire, Daniel’s understanding of the Profession has been honed since 1999. He received the inaugural AFECA Young Professional Award (2015), and authored and delivers the Professional Events Management Course (PEvM) for SACEOS, accredited by the EIC. As Vice-President for SACEOS, he conceptualised the Singapore MICE Challenge, growing since 2014 as a platform for youth development, in partnership with the PCMA and numerous Institutes of Higher Education in Singapore.

Professionally, Daniel is a People-oriented person who believes in the personal touch and going the extra mile to support Clients’ needs, backed by a team with the same convictions. With a performing background, Daniel is a strong advocate of the power of traditional and contemporary Arts and Culture to elevate the human spirit, including and promoting aspects of these where possible; concurrently, Daniel also initiates the support of clients for suitable social and charitable causes in the course of work.

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