Chai Kok Young
Founder and Co-CEO, Inginim 

Kok Young is an astute technology & operations executive leader with extensive experience in leveraging technology to drive efficiencies and achieve business goals in the IT, financial and healthcare sectors.

Kok Young is the founder and Co-CEO of Inginim, an Internet Solutions company with a focus in UX. Prior to this, he was the CEO of MB9, a software development agency that a Singapore-listed company Newsilkroutes Group had invested in.

With more than 20 years of experience in providing Internet related solutions, Chai has held a number of senior IT leadership roles in Startups, MNCs, SME, Dot-com and the Public Sector. 

Prior to starting out on his own, Chai worked in MNC senior executive positions. His last corporate role was Senior VP in Trusted Source, a wholly-owned IT subsidiary of Temasek Holdings, and  was responsible for business intelligence, strategic projects and product commercialization, a role that  included taking care of all software running in Temasek.

Before joining Trusted Source, Chai was Asia Pacific IT & Operations Director of IMS Health, a global market research leader in the Healthcare marketplace. He led diverse teams across 16 Asia-Pacific countries and leveraged technology to drive efficiencies and support IMS Health’s USD 100 million market intelligence business in the APAC.

Chai works with AONIA to provide strategic technological solutions for enhanced stakeholder engagement.

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