Approach and Guiding Principles

AONIA serves each client via a highly-customised and ‘no-boundaries’ approach unique to each client with a focus on achieving intended results.

Working with a global partner network across industries and skill sets, we design and deliver Strategic Events that meet client needs.

  • Serving clients is our reason for being. We grow with them as their trusted solutions partners and continually strive to improve our service and skill sets to serve them better.
  • Every client is unique, and hence every challenge and solution. Though guided by proven frameworks, every Event is customized to best meet their needs.
  • We see the Micro and the Macro. Any solution is incomplete without a thorough understanding of the client’s constituent challenges. Whilst we emphasise the details, we never lose sight of the big picture.
  • We approach solutions Holistically, with the harmony of Singer (Delivery), Song (Message) and Stage (Destination). AONIA architectures Events that encompass the senses, mind, body and spirit with a focus on long-term impact.
  • Joyful, empowered and effective team members who work S.M.A.R.T are critical to AONIA’s success; this means more creative and effective solutions.
  • There is no Box. The Universe is filled with endless Possibilities. We are strong advocates of the cross-fertilisation and synthesis of ideas, and believe amazing breakthroughs can come from seemingly unrelated areas.
  • We believe that a small flutter of Inspiration can lead to a gale of positive change within individuals, teams, and Organisations for positive impact; we work with clients to offer such growth opportunities through our events.
  • We believe in Sustainability. These values are applied throughout our work to have the most optimal results with the least negative environmental impact possible.
  • We operate with the greatest discretion, and keep our client information highly confidential.
  • We encourage the gathering and analysis of Metrics to gain insights into ROI and impact and can lead to improvement.
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