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We Energise, Engage and Empower. For Optimum Organisational Effectiveness.
The World is your Classroom. Discover a World of Inspiration with AONIA.


This ethos is embodied in every event we design and deliver, with a mission to engage, energize and empower.

Founded in 2002, the AONIA group of companies provide a complete suite of Strategic Business Events services worldwide. Over the years, we have supported the business growth needs of many clients successfully as experts in events that:

Our repeat clients attest to AONIA’s commitment to providing creative, concrete advice and seamless service excellence built on careful consultation, meticulous planning, technological innovation and exacting execution of your experiential communications needs.

‘AONIA’ means ‘Land of the Muses’, and is an inspiration from the Greek epic ‘The Odyssey’.

It is a reminder to us in our quest to serve clients with ever-higher standards of creativity and excellence to Motivate and Inspire through our work.

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